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Do in Order to Make My Man Love Me Forever? These Tips Will Help You a Lot Here

Why do some relationships go on forever? While forever may seem like an impossible words, some men and women do manage to stay happy together for as long as they live. If you think you've finally found the person you'd like to settle down with for the rest of your life, the one thing left to do is to make him feel for you the same way. Here's how to make your man love you like day one, forever:

Let trust be the center of your relationship.
A solid relationship that's meant to hurdle the test of time cannot exist without trust. It is not difficult to build trust, but it is also not easy. It will require time and patience on both your end. To build his trust, you must go easy on promises. If you do make a promise, make sure you're not forced to do it, so that really keeping it becomes easy. Always keep your word, and if you're not able to do so, be sure there's a legitimate explanation for it. Unexpected things happen, but they should never come in between you and your man. Make it a habit to tell each other what you did during the day, even the littlest, most trivial things. You will find that over time, it will be harder and harder to keep things from each other.

Do things together.
You did a lot of things together during the early part of the relationship - you took baths together, gone on dates together, made love together and so on. But this time, look into doing usual things together, like repairing a broken water pipe at home, or buying supplies at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Spend quality time apart.
It's perfectly fine to spend time with your friends, or to go on a holiday with your family, without taking him along with you, and vice-versa. It's called healthy time apart. It makes you assess your relationship from a distance, and the distance makes the heart grow fonder. You come back running into each other's arms, and you will always feel better about being together.

Let him know it's okay to make mistakes.
Your guy isn't perfect, neither are you. So why impose impossible demands? A mistake, by definition, is something done unintentionally, meaning, without prior thought. So when he forgets to order Chinese take-out, or leaves the refrigerator door accidentally, don't' make him suffer for it. He doesn't need you to mother him all the time. Let him know how you feel, and then let the issue go.

Steer clear of insecurity and be proud of your man.
Don't turn into Wolverine girl every time your man looks at another girl. Similarly, don't unleash your claws every time some other girl approaches your guy, thinking he's single. It's just not classy, and it will turn your man off. So if you want him to love you forever, be that confident lady he fell in love with some time back. When you chance upon a girl talking to him, casually walk into their conversation, and introduce yourself. Make sure you smile and extend your hand to shake hers. Then politely excuse yourself. When it's just the two of you, don't bother bringing it up. She's no one, and you're his queen.

Strike a balance between naughty and nice.
You will have to keep doing it for as long as you are together, but there are so many things you can think of - all you have to do is get creative. Add a little bit of sexy in everything you do - whether it's dressing up for work, or cooking dinner. Not everything you do has the ultimate purpose of sex, but it will constantly remind him of the hottie he fell for, and the he won't ever fal out of love.

Turn him on without touching anything between his legs.

Have fun in bed, and never turn sex into a once-a-month thing. Intimacy is very important, so make time for it. Tease him with naughty outfits, sexy phone calls, games and anything new that could add excitement to your sexual life.Get on his sensual side and let him know there are other ways to pleasure him than just the good old boring sex.

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